Ultra wideband square slot antenna

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Radioengineering - September 2013, Volume 22, Number 3

The antenna as claimed in claim 9, wherein said antenna further comprises a 90° hybrid inserted between said first unbalanced feed line for feeding to said radiation element conductors and said second unbalanced feed line for feeding to … US6650291B1 - Multiband phased array antenna utilizing a unit A multi-band phased array antenna for radiating low frequency band signals and high frequency band signals. The multiband phased array antenna is formed from unit cells having waveguides for radiating high frequency band signals and end … Broadband Koch Fractal Boundary Printed Slot Antenna for ISM

Ultra-Wideband Antipodal Tapered Slot Antenna With

A Microstrip-Line-Fed Suspended Square Slot Microstrip Antenna reported their works on wideband and circularly polarized slot truncated corner of square patch antenna .Since the two near- Radioengineering - September 2018, Volume 27, Number 3 [DOI: 10 The first proposed antenna has an impedance bandwidth of 127.48 % (3.1 GHz to 14 GHz), which satisfies the bandwidth for ultra-wideband communication systems.

A Compact Microstrip Antenna for Ultra Wideband Applications

A novel two open terminals slot antenna for ultra wideband Jan 11, 2018 · Abstract: In this paper, a miniaturized two open terminals slot antenna is proposed to be used in the applications of ultra-wideband (UWB). The proposed antenna is evolved from two rectangular slots with an open terminal from one end and these slots are merged from the other end to form one slot with asymmetrical T-shape.

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A COMPACT MICROSTRIP SQUARE-RING SLOT ANTENNA ... - jpier.org A COMPACT MICROSTRIP SQUARE-RING SLOT ANTENNA FOR UWB APPLICATIONS By S. Sadat, M. Fardis, F. G. Gharakhili, and G. R. Dadashzadeh. Full Article PDF (408 KB) Abstract: A microstrip square-ring slot antenna (MSRSA) for UWB (Ultra Wideband) antenna applications is proposed and improved by compaction. Implementation of rectangular slit-inserted ultra-wideband ... In this paper, a tapered slot antenna capable of ultra-wideband communication was designed. In the proposed antenna, rectangular slits were inserted to enhance the bandwidth and reduce the area of the antenna. The rectangular slit-inserted tapered slot antenna operated at a bandwidth of 8.45 GHz, and the bandwidth improved upon the basic tapered slot antenna by 4.72 GHz. A novel two open terminals slot antenna for ultra wideband ...